Natalie Welds


Baltimore born & NYC bound at 17 years old, Natalie Welds is an internationally and nationally award winning & nominated SAG-AFTRA & AEA actor, singer, dancer, and stage/film combatant. She is known for her rock and roll, rough and tumble, vulnerable but gritty roles ranging from film to TV, to Shakespeare to iconic theatre such as Blue Man Group Productions and Off Broadway. Along with acting, Natalie Welds also wrote & directed the short film "Alone In Ostara" under the production company Three Trojan Women. Be it a superhero or misunderstood super-villain, Natalie has an orange belt in Jeet Kune Do with a passion to bring badass, nuanced female characters to life on screen and stage.

She holds a BA from Wagner College in Theatre & Speech and minor in anthropology as well as a MSc in animal behavior and welfare from UPenn's Pen Vet. In grad school, she piloted a research study and continues research on how cinematic storytelling can make a "One Health" humanitarian difference for both animal and human welfare, especially for animals that are misunderstood such as pit bulls, sharks, and other "scary" beings.

Fun facts: Natalie believes Stevie Nicks & Cher are goddess supremes, felt like a real gypsy playing guitar in a band at Pittsburgh Renn Faire,would love to rock out with Patti Smith in real life, and that "a pirate's life for me" is more than just a catch phrase, it's a lifestyle.


Montage Music -

"Jumpin Jack Flash" By

The Rolling Stones

"Oh Bondage, Up Yours!"

By X Ray Spex

"This is My Home"

from the musical:

"Kevin & Lydia & The End of the Worl"






NY, NJ, Tri-State Area, NC, & Atlanta